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Our ecosystem

Nominees is a sports platform for the next generation of digital fan economies, powered and secured by blockchain technology. We empower stakeholders in sports to monetize and engage with their audiences in new ways.

Fan Engagement Playground

On our web based fan engagement playground fans can engage and share their opinion on hottest sports content and get rewarded with NOM. Fans can redeem their rewards for digital collectibles and club passes to gain access to exclusive content and influen

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Digital Sports Collectibles for your global fanbase

Our Marketplace is the beginning of a new era for digital collectibles in sports. From tokenized merchandise, rare iconic cards to historical video moments, it has never been that easy to create, collect and trade digital assets (NFTs = non-fungible tokens). Nominees provides provable ownership, fraud protection, latest security tech, and frictionless payments. Every item traded on our marketplace can be traced back to its origin, thanks to crytographic hashes and immutables fingerprints.

Own Digital colletion
Product Name Price: 1 NCM - 4 EUR Avalability USD
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Create valuable digital sports merchandise (NFTs) that sports fans love and collect, from branded jerseys to unique football shoes - with nominees there are not limits to your creativity.

Valid: season
Own a Digital Superfan Pass
Product Name Price: 1 NCM - 4 EUR Avalability USD
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Club Pass

A fan's entry to exclusive content, seasonal tickets, club discounts and proof of exceptional fanship. NFTs for the die-hard fans who want to set themselves apart by collecting seasonal fan passes.

Own Digital Memorabilia
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Create authentic digital memorabilia, secured by our blockchain technology. Fans can now collect and own super rare and valuable memorabilia, with provable authenticity and traceability.

Own a Digital Iconic Moment
Product Name Price: 1 NCM - 4 EUR Avalability USD
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Iconic Video Moments

Do you want to own or sell special moments of sports history? Tokenize, sell and showcase limited epic video moments of your club or other licensed scenes.

Data Analytics

Fan insights in real time.

Nominees provides real time market research and data driven analytics for those who want to learn more about their fans, followers, and customers. Opinions, interests and needs, everything you need to know in one place, so you can focus on building a loyal fanbase and making money!

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Reward Protocol

Loyalty and engagement rewards for your greatest fans

Engage to earn!

Engagement and loyalty in the nominees ecosystem is directly related to getting rewarded with NOM coins. Fans earn $NOM by actively engaging with hot sports content, interacting on our NFT marketplace, and by creating valuable insight

Proof of Engagement

The nominees protocol is designed to reward participants at multiple levels, from sports enthusiasts on the nominees platform to users of other popular sports apps. We're building a unique incentive mechanism on top of the Phantasma Chain (phantasma.io) that is not only powering nominees, but every other community that integrates our smart reward system. Contact us if you want to learn more about our protocol.

Our Products
  • Blockchain Platform

    Leverage blockchain technology the right way.

  • Wallet

    Leverage blockchain technology the right way.

  • Marketplace-as-a-Service (MaaS)

    Build your own collection of digital assets (NFTs) or integrate our MaaS solution.

  • Reward Tokens

    Automated reward distribition to those who really earn them.

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Blockchain is the technology that allows for radically more ethical and beneficial platforms that put people at its center. Modern web infrastructures are flawed, their success is based on the value that users create, and still those big tech platforms get exploited regularly at the cost of their users privacy. At nominees users are the greatest assets, same as fans in sports. By leveraging blockchain technology we're able to create a smart contract powered engagement protocol and ecosystem that rewards its value creators (users) and secures privacy as well as digital assets ownership. Blockchain eliminates intermediaries, makes it possible for individuals to transact autonomously, allows for instant asset transfers at low fees, and instant payments. Sports are about fairness, equality and globality, and with blockchain we provide the global fans access to a financial infrastructure, fair crypto rewards, tradability as well as traceability of their greatest cryptocurrencies and sports collectibles. Digital sports collectibles for the first time have a digital fingerprint on an immutable and tamper-proof database. By owning NOM, the platform currency and fuel of the nominees ecosystem, users have the opportunity to decide on the direction of the platform's future.
NOM is the engagement reward and platform currency (social + governance token) that fuels the nominees ecosystem. It is directly linked to a user's activity and value on the platforms (apps, dApps, social networks), marketplaces and wallets powered by the NOM-protocol. Our smart contracts keep track of the value that audiences create across all NOM-platforms and fairly distribute the NOM rewards to the appropriate user accounts (wallets). Users can redeem rewards on the NOM-marketplaces, use them to vote on protocol changes, platform growth related decision makings in a new DAO-like structure (DAO = Decentralized Autonomous Organization). The NOM-protocol is the world?s first social governance token for the sports world that puts those in the driver seat who want to shape the future of sports. If you want to learn more about how to reward your audience with NOM, please contact us via our contact form or send us an email:hello@nominees.co
nominees is a next generation sports platform that enables sports organizations and fans to make money by selling existing media assets, be more efficient by using a ready-to-use platform and bond with each other in a rewarding and addicting way. Covid has shown that the sports industry was relying on traditional business models and fan engagement tools for too long. There was no easy way for sports businesses to turn existing media assets into digital revenues and strengthen fan identification and fan bond at the same time. Even worse, now the budgets are limited due to plummeting revenues and time to market with digital revenue drivers is critical to maintain a competitive edge. But here we are, nominees helps the sports world recover faster without requiring expensive software or 3rd party workforces with long decision making processes. If you want to partner up with us to change the way you engage with fans, hit us up at hello@nominees.co
Itís as simple as uploading an image or video to your instagram account! Join our partner network as early as possible to create your own NFT collection. You choose the types of collectibles you want to sell to your audience and our platform does the heavy lifting, so you can focus on making money and engaging with your fans. Your IP stays with you, no licensing or coding skills required. If you are a sports organization, fan, digital artist, rights holder, enterprise or ambassador, contact us via hello@nominees.co or our contact form - we'll get back to you as soon as possible! At the moment we're receiving a lot of requests and we can only consider the most relevant partners and projects. Thanks for your understanding and patience!
nominees is a sports ecosystem for the next generation of digital fan economies that knows no boundaries. Fans love different sports and so do we, without limitations! From football (soccer), cricket, rugby, tennis to racing or baseball - we're empowering the world of sports. Join our movement and partner up with us if you want to support us in shaping the future of sports.